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Poché Publishing

Poché Vol. 1 An East Village Apartment

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Get lost in the abundance of illustrations, hand drafted architectural drawings, and paintings, as you uncover the untold story of an East Village studio apartment. Indulge in a sea of rich textures, peculiar objects, and classic New York City apartment features. Experience the endless floorplan, romantic red brick, and quaint kitchenette. Take a trip to downtown Manhattan and fall in love with the East Village. Experience the iconic neighborhood through the never-before-seen photographs and untold stories.

Vol.1 examines the building’s undeniable character and captures its honest finishes through mesmerizing illustrations and images. A special editorial on COVID’19 contains chilling evidence of a changed New York, and an unforgettable moment in history.

This interior design book offers the world a unique perspective on interiors by combining several drawing methods and mediums together to tell the story of a place. Flip to experience the drawings and photographs, the notes and the stories, the marble steps, mosaic tiles, and exposed red brick. An unparalleled experience awaits you.


298 pages

W 8.5" x  L 11.25" x D 1.6" 


4 lb.



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