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A COVID Impact

A COVID Impact

The effects of COVID ‘19 are immeasurable. The impact that the pandemic has had on a global scale is something that the world will never forget. Amongst the horror of the rapidly spreading virus that seems to never end, is the emptiness of the cities and our favourite street corners that continues to leave a lasting mark on our hearts. Popular neighbourhood spots have now closed, with a long list of others that will soon face the same fate. Iconic landmarks that defined street corners for years and shaped the towns they belonged to have now become memories.

At the height of the pandemic, it felt like the whole world was going on an extended vacation, patiently waiting for the smoke to clear before returning back to the scene of the crime. The smoke took nearly six months to clear. For a short period, the world started to recover, but not fully, and still not fully. As we endure the second wave and reach the end of nine months in a global catastrophe, I can’t help but look at how this virus changed the environments we live in.

A vibrant and bustling New York has grown quiet – eerie. The storefronts have closed but their presence can still be felt and weighs heavily on our hearts. We remember all the times we walked by and said to ourselves, “I’ve got to come here one of these days.” Or all the times we actually spent there in our favourite neighbourhood hangouts, ordering coffee, meeting up with friends, and singing karaoke until three in the morning before stumbling home.

Thank you, to the people and places that made these memories possible. To the businesses and neighbourhood landmarks that have closed, we will not forget you. To the street corners that are forever changed, we will not forget you.

This piece was published in poché Vol. 1 An East Village Apartment

Photography By Kunal Kumar


An abandoned stretch of 2nd Avenue

An abandoned stretch of 2nd Avenue


Gem Spa on the corner of St. Marks Place & 2nd Avenue


Outdoor dining on St. Marks Place


An empty St. Marks Place & St. Marks Hotel


An abandoned Stretch of 2nd Avenue


What used to be Porsena Restaurant on East 7th Street


What used to be Khyber Pass Restaurant on St. Marks Place


The Middle Collegiate Church on the corner of East 7th & 2nd Avenue - burned 


Block Drug Store on the corner of East 6th & 2nd Avenue


Face coverings required at McSorley's Old Ale House on East 7th Street


Outdoor Dining at News Bar Cafe on University Place


Posters in the East Village

Astor Place, East Village 

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